Product features

Our philosophy: Any product can be filled in an aerosol can until proved otherwise. And we are always willing to find out!
Packing your products as aerosoles presents a wide range of benefits for you, your customers and the end-user.

Some examples include:
  • Handy packaging, easy and quick to use
  • Easy to clean, if the contents of the can is not used at once, the spray nozzle can be cleaned by turning the can upside down and pressing once
  • Easy to transport and available in smaller sizes. We fill cans with quantities from 50 ml. to 1000 ml.
  • Clean and hygienic in use and for storage
  • Long shelf life, thanks to airtight construction
  • No evaporation and thus no changes in product characteristics. Resistant to bacteria, dust or other contaminants
  • Containers are made of easily recyclable materials