Bag-On-Valve – obvious advantages

Aeropak offers its customers Bag-On-Valve solutions – a technology that offers quite new opportunities and advantages.

The Bag-On-Valve solution is ideal for viscous products and products where you do not want a mixture of propellants and products – including cooking oils and liquid butter and margarine.

No contact with propellants

In a Bag-On-Valve solution the product is packaged separately in a laminated aluminium bag placed in the can. Subsequently, the can is filled with propellant.
The product will not get in contact with the propellant and maintains its shape, integrity, and nature.

A solution for your product?

Together, we will find the right solution. In this connection, a number of elements must be taken into account, such as:

  • Environmental legislation
  • Consumer safety
  • Product suitability – i.e. features such as viscosity and pH value
  • Bacteriology
  • General product legislation

If the product is determined to be suitable, the specific design of the aerosol solution must be considered. In this connection, you have a number of options.


On the basis of your wishes and knowledge combined with our expertise, we will design a safe and well-functioning solution. Please contact us for guidance and dialogue.