Can with round shoulders

The aluminium can have round ”shoulders”, which many people find elegant due to its light look.
It is used for:

  • Cosmetics
  • Foods

This can provides an elegant, exclusive, and individual look.

Prices and delivery times

The price of the aluminium can depends on the price of aluminium. As a rule, it is much more expensive than the tin can.
The delivery times are a big issue as well. The capacity must be ordered at the supplier in advance, and the delivery time can be more than 26 weeks from the completion of the design.

Litho print or label

For quantities of over 100,000 cans, litho print on the cans may be an exclusive solution. The cans can also be supplied with labels – self-adhesive or glued.

We keep some standard solutions in (limited) stock.

Tinplate cans – a cheaper alternative

The tinplate cans are with their square ”shoulders” a cheaper alternative. These are primarily used for:

  • Paint
  • Technical products.

As a rule, prices and delivery times are significantly lower/shorter than what applies to the aluminium can. The delivery time will typically be 10 weeks from the completion of the design.

No price difference for large quantities

For a batch of approx. 25.000 cans, the price is the same for each completed can – whether you choose a lithographed or a labelled can. The label solution is more flexible as regards any graphical or textual modifications. Small lithographed batches may be provided at extra charge.
Bag solutions (BOV) can be manufactured in both types of can. For further information on our BOV solutions, please see the menu Bag-On-Valve.

The cans to be filled are either made of:

  • Tinplate
  • Aluminium

Content capacity

  • 200 – 1000 ml.

Internal treatment:

As needed, the cans can be treated internally depending on the product to be filled – e.g. with food approved varnish or varnish resistant to acids and alkalis etc.