Aeropak’s laboratory

Control – your safety

On the day of manufacture, our laboratory controls all products. The controls include all components in the end-product:

  • Type of can
  • Valve
  • Actuator
  • Label
  • Cap
  • Identity of concentrate
  • Propellant

Moreover, it is controlled whether the date stamping is in accordance with the date of manufacture and the durability requirement for the product. It is a matter of quality and safety.

Very close to the can

The crimping, an indicator for whether the valve is properly fixed on the can, is an essential control parameter, just like the pressure in the can. This is measured at ambient temperature and at 50° C to ensure that the cans can stand heating without leaking.

Moreover, the following factors are controlled:

  • The weight of the can
  • The appearance of the product
  • The spray pattern
  • The quantity of the product emptied in 10 seconds

Check tests are stocked for 2 years

All cans are weighed, the weight is registered, and the cans will be stocked for 2 years so that a check test can be provided, if needed later on.

Especially in food production, other customer-specific control factors need to be completed as well, and moreover, strict rules apply to hygiene and cleaning in that connection. Every step requires thorough documentation in order to comply with the rules of ISO 22000.

Innovation – to seek new boundaries

Another essential part of the laboratory function is to serve as a basis for the development of new products or the improvement of existing products. This is done in close cooperation with our customers etc.
It is possible to manufacture finished cans as the equipment for crimping as well as for gas filling is available.
Thus, we can test various combinations of products, propellants, valves, and actuators very fast.

We can test the customer’s mixtures or develop the mixtures in cooperation

Thus, we are able to test the customer’s own product mixtures, we can develop the mixtures together with the customer, or we can manufacture mixtures for new products on our own. We have a large network of suppliers who supply all parts for the finished can products. We are very proud of our professional network, which we can draw on in our development of new products.

In connection with comprehensive tests of e.g. valves or actuators, we can manufacture small series at one of our factory plants. This ensures that the test products are identical with any finished product.

Please bring your idea, and let’s develop together!