Propellants – much more than functionality

For our filling, the following gases are applied:

  • Liquid: Liquefied: LPG and DME
  • Compressed (permanent gases): Atmospheric air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and laughing gas.

Knowledge of legislation

Aerosol cans only work perfectly when filled with the right propellant. Of course, they must maintain a stable spray.
When choosing the right propellant, you should not only consider functionality and user-friendliness. Your choice must also be based on a thorough knowledge of e.g.:

  • Environmental legislation
  • Safety (risk of fire and explosion)
  • Bacteriology

Moreover, a thorough knowledge of the product to be filled is needed as well.

Guidance – make use of our experience

Involving the aforementioned factors in the process of choosing the right propellant can be complicated. Aeropak holds the latest knowledge of the legislation within this area etc., and we have many years of experience in propellants. We have archived this competence through development and handling of various aerosols.
Our expertise will certainly benefit our customers when they need our advice and recommendations for a solution.

You can always rely on our knowledge and experience – we are ready to help you!