Valve and actuator

The function of the valve: To keep the product in the can until the valve is activated by the actuator – typically by pressing your finger
The valves are available in many variants. Different products make different demands – due to e.g.:

  • The thickness of the product (viscosity)
  • The pH value of the product (the aggressiveness of the product)
  • Product application

Wishes for spraying pattern

Moreover, the customer may have special wishes as well: Does the customer want the product to come out in a long spray stream, or should the product be widely covering, in a conical shape, or drip by drip? This is determined by the valve you choose – and we make sure that the customers get the options. The interaction between the valve and the actuator determines the look and coverage of the spray pattern.

Valves for traditional products

The valves are available for more traditional products where the propellant – typically a gas – is directly mixed into the product.

Valves in many variants

A distinction is made between male and female valves.
As stated, the interaction between the actuator and the valve determines how the product comes out of the can. The choice depends of the use of the product as well as the customer’s wishes. A vast number of shapes, colours, and designs is available.

Shake the can – why?

Many products must be shaken before use. This is often due to the fact that the content of the can needs to be mixed as it may separate with time. The physical mixing by shaking the can may be promoted by dropping one of more marbles into the can.

Typically, the marbles are made of glass or steel. They create turbulence in the can and thus promote the mixture of the product components in the can.

The bag valve – a strong choice

The bag valve or a BOV (Bag On Valve) surrounds the product in the can, and the propellant is filled into the area between the bag/product and the can. The bag solution allows the filling of new products – as an aerosol. This may facilitate the legal processes as regards filling of pesticides etc.

Bag solutions in general

Bag solutions are often applied in connection with aerosol fillings of foods.