Customer at Aeropak?

We always focus on our customers’ needs and wishes so that every procedure will be easy and safe for you as a customer.

We help you all the way – from you contact us with your idea/you final specifications/your complete product mixture, and till your product is packaged and ready for delivery.

The raw material – your own material or our mixture?

We offer to fill your supplied product/liquid. However, we also have a wide range of ingredients, which we can mix for you. We can either use your recipe or develop one for you.


We help you review your label to make sure that it complies with the current legislation, and that it has the right size as well.

Just place your order – we will take care of the rest

When your product is ready for order, we will take care of the rest:

  • Purchase of materials
  • Filling of cans
  • Labelling
  • Testing and quality control
  • Packaging and shipping  

It is easy and safe!

Please contact us for professional guidance.