We are pleased to welcome you to a world of know-how and excellence within the field of aerosol filling.
We offer aerosol filling of:

  • Our own products/own recipes
  • Customer-specific products/customer-specific recipes

Technology, knowledge, and values

We perform our tasks by means of the latest technologies and knowledge, and we have gained a great insight into our customers’ realities and challenges. Our value set serves as a basis for all our activities: In every context, we always aim to be good and do the right thing – both as regards the environment and legislation as well as regards our staff, suppliers, and customers.

The great product range:

Our product range is very wide and includes products such as:

  • Paint and technical products such as oils, silicon, etc.
  • Agricultural products and filling of biocides
  • Foods such as coconut oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil with butter. The filling takes place in our separate food department.

Foods for filling are supplied as a finished mixture. Other products may be mixed by us, based on our own or the customer’s recipes.

Development and documentation

Our laboratory and strong professional skills allow tests and controls as well as development and cooperation with the customer.

Flexible options – and small and large series

At Aeropak, you can choose from various propellants and packaging options. Of course, we offer you guidance so that you can make the right decision. Our capacity allows the manufacture of small and large series. Most sub-components are purchased from leading European manufacturers.

Export represents 80 % of our turnover.

Welcome to Aeropak – your ideal business partner within aerosol filling.